How are parents/guardians involved in the curriculum at XP?

We ask parents/guardians for complete commitment and support for the values of XP School. These being an emphasis on:

  • Developing Character
  • Producing Beautiful Work
  • Aspiring to Academic Success

At XP Schools, parents’ evenings are replaced with ‘Student-Led Conferences’ in which students discuss their progress with parents and their crew leader.  These take place at least twice each year. It is an expectation that all parents/guardians attend ‘Student-Led Conferences’. Students show their portfolio of work and illustrate how they are mastering academic learning targets, and developing their character through the production of beautiful.

In addition, Every learning expedition ends with a public-facing product or presentation. On average we ask for parents to come to around four presentations each year.

We also use the expertise of parents to help with our curriculum delivery, with students working alongside parent experts, or parents volunteering to join important fieldwork.

Our crews are deliberately sized with around 12-13 students per crew. This means that crew leaders are in regular contact with parents to share success, and to support and challenge where needed.