All of the team at XP Gateshead would like to wish our families a great summer. Don’t forget our challenges which are themed on each of our character traits. Keep sending your beautiful work and evidence of your completed challenges to .



Likewise over the summer break our staff members will make sure that we check the email account so if you have any questions, please direct them to there rather than to staff emails.

Any further updates will be posted on our school website here.

See you all on Tuesday 31st August!

Crew leader contact

Good morning G28 parents

Between now and Wednesday of next week, staff will be making contact with you to introduce themselves as Crew Leader for your son or daughter.

It may be that Crew Leaders also need to ask for additional information to be provided if this has not been completed – for example the forms in your welcome packs.

This is another really important moment for our pioneering XPG  students. Crew Leaders will be an advocate for your son or daughter. They will know them very well and ensure that they are supported and challenged to produce beautiful work, develop their character and see academic success.

When we open, Crew Leaders will be your first point of contact with the school. As a family you will get to you know your son or daughter’s Crew Leader very well too.

Please continue to keep an eye on our website for updates. Over the summer holidays, if you have any queries please contact as we will continue to pick up emails to this address.

Wishing you a safe and restful summer. See you on 31st August!

From the whole XPG team.




Good morning

A reminder that we will be hosting a video meeting this evening in Google Meet at 6pm. I will email out a reminder with the link this morning too.

During this video meeting we will be able to show video and photographs from the Ullswater site, and will be able to answer your questions about our visit there in our first week of our new school.

Again, if you have not already done so, we do need you to complete a separate participant information form for the visit.

It is important that you complete the form as fully and as honestly as you can as it contains important details such as medical needs.

The form should take around 15-20 minutes to complete.

The form must be completed by Tuesday 20th July please.

The link to fill in the form is here.

Thanks for your continued support. This is the last time that we will meet as a school before our first day on Tuesday August 31st.

More beautiful work…

We’re continually posting the beautiful work that you send us from the transition packs. Please keep sending on the work that your sons and daughters are proud of. You can click on the image below to go straight to our transition website.

‘G28’ and beautiful work


You may have noticed on our transition Google Site the name G28.

This is the name of our new Year 7.

G is for Gateshead.

28 is for 2028. Whilst we are an 11-16 school, our mission is for all students to be on a path to university readiness when they leave us. 2028 is the year that they will be accepted to university, if that is what they choose to do.

In Doncaster we have X28 for XP School’s new Year 7, in XP East it’s E28.

We are G28!



Beautiful Work

Already we have some beautiful work from students sent as part of their transition work, and some work that they wanted to show that they are proud of. This is lovely to see.

Participant information form, including medical details

In addition to the forms you have been completing for us, there is a separate form that needs to be completed for the visit to Ullswater. The form is called the participant information form and includes medical details. The form is completed online.

It is important that you complete the form as fully and as honestly as you can.

The form should take around 15-20 minutes to complete.

The form must be completed by Tuesday 20th July please.

The link to fill in the form is here.

Here is a video explaining how to get set up to fill in the form:

Additional information evening

Due to the rise in COVID cases at the moment, the information meeting for Ullswater will now be online.

This will be hosted in Google Meet at 6pm on Wednesday 14th July.

We will email you with the link to join the meeting.

The meeting will give us an opportunity to show you the site and give you an idea of some of the types of activities that your son or daughter will be doing with their new crew. We will also be able to answer your questions too.

This will be our last meeting together as a community before the Summer break.

It’s official! We have our funding agreement.

Today, we received final confirmation from Katherine Cowell – Regional Schools Commissioner for the North – of our funding agreement. This means that the Secretary of State has agreed to enter into a funding agreement with XP School Trust. We are now officially approved to open on August 31st this year, with our first cohort of 50 students.

The Local Authority have also been informed and arrangements will now be made to officially transfer the places over to our school for our 50 students. We will also soon be in touch with those families that were not successful.

We would like to thank the whole community of Gateshead for their support in helping us to get to this stage. It seems like a long time ago that we first met with families in the Jury’s Inn in November 2019. We would not be where we are now without the support of families across Gateshead, Gateshead Council, New Schools Network, our colleagues in XP School Trust and also our colleagues in schools across Gateshead and beyond too.

Kit list for Outward Bound Ullswater

We are delighted to be able to share with you the kit list for the Outward Bound visit.

Please read this post carefully. Then click on the link at the bottom of the page to see the full kit list.

Ullswater, Lake District

Some important things to note from the kit list:

Students will need to bring a packed lunch with them on Tuesday 31st August.

The first meal provided by the centre is the evening meal on the Tuesday. We will eat our packed lunches when we get off the coach after arrival at the centre.

Students need to bring a £10 refundable deposit.

We will collect these deposits on the morning of Tuesday 31st August when you drop off you son or daughter.

Crew deposits are pooled together. Any equipment that is damaged due to misuse is covered by the combined crew deposit. We will use this as an opportunity to teach our crews joint responsibility. We expect all crews to act in a way that means they will have their deposit returned to them.

Clothing will get wet and muddy.

There is no need to go out and buy lots of new clothes for the residential. Every course involves water and outdoor adventure. You should choose clothes that you don’t mind your son or daughter getting dirty.

Socks are very, very important.

The centre provide all specialist kit such as walking boots etc. However it is important that the students have a few pairs of thick socks. They do not necessarily need to be specialist walking socks. However it is important that your son or daughter has some thick pairs to help prevent blisters.

You can find the full kit list by clicking here.

Please contact us if any of the items on here are going to be an issue for you to have in place for your son or daughter.