All G28 year 7 students will be carrying out fieldwork at the location of the former Whitburn Colliery and Marsden Village near to Souter Lighthouse in South Tyneside.

G28 Class 1 will be going on Wednesday 3rd November.

G28 Class 2 will be going on Thursday 4th November.

Students will need:

  • to wear clothes that will keep them warm and dry. 
  • wellies or old trainers are needed for footwear as part of the fieldwork will involve studying the rocks in Marsden Bay which is a sandy beach.
  • a packed lunch.
  • their school bag with regular school kit list inside. Most bags are not waterproof so we suggest putting kit inside a plastic bag inside the rucksack.

A packed lunch will be provided for students that have free school meals.

Students need to be in school at the normal time of 825am on each day.

We expect to return to school at 4.15pm on each day and will update our website if there are any delays due to traffic.

We have set extended study for G28 students through Google Classroom. All work set is due on Monday 1st November. If students have any issues they should contact their teacher through Google Classroom.

We recognise that students have just got their iPads so much of this extended study is revision of work already done in school and is light touch at the moment.

We want the students to get into good habits around doing extended study often, so it would be best if students can space out this work and a do a little every day or two. The work that has been set should help them to see early success in these apps. The work will increase in challenge when we return to school after the break.



  1. Students have been set a range of tasks in Hegarty Maths to complete. Students need to login and click on ‘my tasks’ and complete each exercise set. Students should have their notebook with them beside their iPad to do working out. If they need help, they should watch the tutorial video for the exercise by clicking ‘get help’.
  2. Students have been set revision in Hegarty Maths. They should go to ‘my tasks’ and complete MemRi tasks 3 times per week.
  3. Students should do at least 30 minutes of ttrockstars each week in the ‘garage’. This is better spaced out. For example 10 minutes every couple of days is ideal.
  4. Bucket list. Students already have a range of 10 maths challenges from their bucket list booklet to work on. These 10 challenges need to be completed. Students should bring evidence of these tasks to school (photographs on ipads or notes for example)
  5. Students have been set 2 Google Form Quizzes for science as a recap. These are on the subject of the particle model and earth structure. Students should have their notebook beside them to make notes on any errors. The point is to ‘over learn’, so students should do the tests until they are regularly scoring above 20 points.
  6. Students have ben set a video in Clickview to watch on igneous rocks as a recap. Again the point is to ‘over learn’ so students should watch again and again until they get every question correct every time.


  1. Coal during World War 2: Students have 3 tasks to complete. Students have a Google Doc created for them in Google Classroom. There is an optional extension task too.
  2. David Almond talking about Grandpa in Kit’s Wilderness. Students have been set a video to watch and a Google Doc has been created for them to answer questions.


Senorita Quested has set some fun half-term challenges for students. She would like each student to complete at least two from:

  • Look up a cooking recipe for “Spanish tortilla”, “paella” or “churros” online and try making it at home.
  • Places to visit: “Chuchos tacos” in Jesmond or Byker and “Boquerones” in Heaton, Newcastle for a taste of delicious Spanish tapas.
  • Listen to some Spanish music. Look up the artist Rosalía who puts a modern twist on Flamenco.
  • Watch the animation films “Coco” or “The Book of Life” to learn about the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico. Note down 5 things they do to celebrate the festival to share with us.
  • Watch your favourite film and add Spanish subtitles. Note any words you learn ready to share when we return. (there are loads of Spanish language videos on Clickview)
  • Learn a Spanish tongue twister. You could try Pancha plancha con cuatro planchas. ¿Con cuántas planchas Pancha plancha?
  • Create some posters of inspirational Spanish quotes to put up in your bedroom/ around school. Pinterest is a great place to start!

Muchísimas gracias

See you all in two weeks!

G28 School meal charges up to 15th October 2021

Charges have now been added to ParentPay for school meals up to and including the 15th October.

You will see these as a debit on your ParentPay account for “Dinner Money for XP School”.

If you have not yet set up your ParentPay account, you will need the letter that came home with your son or daughter. If you need a replacement letter, please contact me via [email protected] .

Many thanks

G28 parents: Vouchers for meals

Families that qualify for Free School Meals should receive and email from Edenred today with a code for your £15 vouchers for this week.

A second email should arrive on Sunday with vouchers for next week.

If you think you should have received vouchers but do not receive an email today, please contact [email protected] tomorrow.


G28 Parents – Instrumental Music Tuition

If you think you may be interested in INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC TUITION for your son or daughter in G28 during next half-term, please complete this form.
Gateshead music service can offer tuition on almost any instrument. We part-subsidise these sessions so we need to determine the level of interest.
This is not a commitment at this stage but will help us to work out a sustainable pricing structure.

G28 parents – Tech update

iPad OS & Safari

In iPad OS, the web browser Safari behaves just like it would on a laptop. This means that on your son or daughter’s iPad, there is no need to download the Google Apps such as classroom, gmail or docs as they can all be accessed from Safari.


Notifications on smartphones

It is a good idea to add your son or daughter’s school google account to their phone too. This will mean they will get notifications on their phone too when teachers email or set work through Google Classroom.

To set up the school account on a phone go to:

Settings, Accounts, Add Account, Add Google Account

Their email address to set up the Google account on their phone will be in the form:

[email protected]

Your son or daughter has those login details saved on their iPad in Google Keep. They can show you this.


Google Classroom

You have now been invited to Google Classroom. When you accept this invite you will receive regular emails with a summary of the work that has been set though Google Classroom. You can choose to make these daily or weekly updates.

We use Google Classroom for work in class, and for extended study. Extended Study is completed outside of class time at break, lunch, after school or at home.



Your daughter or son has full and free access to a wide range of educational videos through a site we subscribe to a site called Clickview. We will set work through Clickview’s interactive videos, but during the two-week break they can explore thousands of educational videos on pretty much any topic you can imagine.

G28 Weekly update – w/c 11th October 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian

I hope you are well. Welcome to our weekly update for the week commencing 11th October.

Last week was a very busy week for us with our first Local Governance committee meeting, roll out of iPads for students, our virtual open evening for new and prospective parents and students and topped off by hosting a Trust executive and Heads meeting on Friday ! Our students have stepped up to the mark on all of these occasions and I thought they were particularly brilliant in our live virtual open evening transmission.

This week is our last week of term before the half term holiday where we will all have a much deserved two week break – hard to believe how quickly the time seems to have gone! Students will be continuing with their expedition work – from the ground up, and also their maths expedition looking at mathematics and numbers involved in food waste. We will also be continuing to use our iPads in lessons and will begin to set extended study tasks for students. We hope to have the issues around the appstore resolved at the start of this week. Apologies for the delay around this.


Students will continue to discuss their Habits of Work and Learning in academic crew this week and will make pledges as we focus on how we can be the best versions of ourselves. We are really proud of how honest and reflective our students have been during this process.

Covid testing

Please continue to give your child a lateral flow test on Sunday and Wednesday evenings and please ensure you enter the result into our online form. This is really important and not only helps to keep our community safe and our school open it also avoids wasting important time on Monday and Thursday mornings in crew when we have to chase up testing. We really appreciate your support in this.


We will begin adding charges to lunches taken to parent pay this week including back dating ones from previous weeks. It is worth noting that you can add credit to parent pay in advance, you do not need to wait until charges are added. If you are having any issues setting up your account please contact your daughter or son’s crew leader.

Early close this Friday

Don’t forget that we will be closing early this Friday at 1.30pm to allow us time to “degunge” and set up for the next half term. Please make arrangements to pick up your children at the school gate for 1.30pm this Friday.

After school clubs

We now have Monday – Mixed Fitness, Tuesday – French, Wednesday – Extended Study, Thursday – Minecraft & Football/Multi-sport. This week we will be starting a book club with Miss Tatters on Wednesday lunchtimes. Ms Tatters was on her way this weekend to collect the first reading club books from Waterstones in town. 

Random acts of Kindness

Finally we would like to appreciate a few students in particular: Isla, who has left appreciation cards for staff with delicious cupcakes she baked herself; Ethan who baked cookies for other students on his own birthday and Daniel also who made delicious chocolate brownies for the first lunchtime book club. We are all appreciative but have also gained weight!

Thank you for your continued support through this half term and we hope everyone has a good holiday. We are looking forward to the next half term where we will be focussing on our academic work and beginning to add work to our “beautiful” work portfolios. We are also hoping to organise a mini student-led conference before Christmas which will be an opportunity for you to see some of the work your children have been doing – more on this later.

As usual if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your children’s crew leader in the first instance.

Best wishes

Mark Lovatt


G28 SPANISH EXTENDED STUDY – Due Mon 11th October

Now that students have their devices, we will begin to increase the amount of extended study that students are asked to do. We set extended study through Google Classroom. Your son or daughter can now access this through Safari on their iPad. In time we will add parent emails to Google Classroom so that you get updates on a weekly basis of work that has been set.


Students can either do extended study after school, or at home. This week, students have extended study for Spanish.

The instructions below have been shared with students through Google Classroom. They have links to the resources needed in Google Classroom too.



Task 1) On a blank piece of paper write down all of the vocabulary you can remember from this term so far.

You can: Say your name; say how you are; say your age; say where you live and where you want to live.

Task 2) Look at the pictures you took on your phone for 5 minutes and memorise more vocabulary. When the 5 minutes is up add to the list you made in task 1 in a different coloured pen. Do not copy it over.

Task 3) Google Forms quizzes linked in Classroom. Take your time and read the questions carefully. “Mi Cumpleaños” = my birthday. This is a quiz in preparation for next week so you will need to refer to the Sentence Builder in Google Classroom.

Task 4)  Spend 20 minutes improving your letter to a Spanish friend. I am attaching feedback from your previous homework to each of you individually and I would like you all to act upon it to redraft your work.

“sp” =  check spelling
underlined =  a vocab. error or something which is from a translator which should not be there,
^  =   a word or punctuation missing

I may have put a couple of observations or comments underneath on how to improve your writing.

Improve your writing: 

– Challenge yourself and see if you can write it from memory.
– Add something new. e.g.” Tengo una hermana que tiene quince años / Soy hijo único.” 
– If you look up vocabulary from your lesson resources, that’s fine. Please write it in a different colour pen.

This work is due Monday evening so spread it out through the week. I will be checking it has been done by everyone on Monday night.

CHANGE OF DATE: XP Trust – SEND Virtual Q&A for Year 6 parents

IMPORTANT, CHANGE OF DATE: Due to an Ofsted Inspection in XP East this event will now take place on Thursday 14th October at 4:30pm – 5:15pm.

We apologise for the short notice of this change, but in the new school inspection framework we are in turn given short notice before inspection begins.

This will be an opportunity for parents of potential Y7 students in our secondary schools to ask any questions related to their child’s special educational needs and how we deliver our curriculum. To prepare for the session, we would appreciate it if you could add your questions to this form.

To join the session click on this link. As we are an educational establishment, you will need to sign in to a google account to join the session.

iPads have now been issued to G28 students

Students have now been given their iPads and cases. The iPads must be set up at home this evening.

Students need to being them back to school tomorrow, and every day fully charged. A fully charged device is part of students’ daily kit check.

This afternoon we returned to the acceptable use of ICT agreement and all students resigned this as a pledge to keep themselves safe online, and to use ICT appropriately.

The ‘Acceptable Use of ICT Agreement’ can be found here.

Instructions for how to set up the iPads are as follows. Students have been given a printout of these instructions too.

Logging in

  1. Take your iPad out of the box and put it in the case you have chosen
  2. Use the power button at the top right corner of the iPad to power on the iPad
  3. Choose your language
  4. Choose your region (United Kingdom)
  5. Connect to your Wi-Fi Network
  6. You will now be prompted that XP Trust will manage your iPad – tap next
  7. You will then be asked to log in with a username and password. The user name is your first name, a dot, last name. e.g JOHN.DOE  . Your password is: xptrustipad

Setting up

  1. Wait for the iPad to set itself up. During this process you’ll see a number of Apps begin to download to the iPad. You can find some further applications provided by the school in the app ‘Self Service’
  2. That’s it! Enjoy!

We’d recommend setting a passcode for your iPads by going to Settings > Touch ID and Passcode. Once you’ve set up a passcode you can add your fingerprints to unlock your iPad.

You may already have an Apple ID so if you’d like to log into the App Store, you can do this by going to Settings > iTunes & App Store.

Further Help and Support

You can always get help and support with your iPad from Apple with the ‘Apple Support App’ or by contacting the school. 

Insurance Claims

For insurance claims, please contact [email protected] (see the parents section of the school website)