Beautiful Work from Lucy

Lucy has produced a beautiful charcoal illustration of Mr Lovatt’s Dad’s miners’ lamp for our From the Ground Up book. We particularly like how the bands of consistent tonal values give the impression of the metallic surface on the barrel of the lamp. Great work Lucy!

Lucy has also been busy honing her line skills at home over the Christmas break, producing these wonderful sketches of Disney characters.


Good morning, we hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas with your families.

It being a rainy day this morning I have been looking at the geology writing that students were working on for our ‘From The Ground Up’ book.

I just wanted to highlight a really smart strategy that Isabelle has been using to ensure that here writing contains everything that it needs to.

In her prep, Isabelle has been highlighting key information in the model. Likewise, she has been indicating when she has included important information in her prose paragraph by highlighting her notes. This has led to a really solid introductory paragraph.

Smart and beautiful work Isabelle, well done!

Reverse Advent: Above All… Compassion

Today was the end of our reverse advent in school. Students and families have been providing important supplies of food and household items throughout December.

This morning Emily and Macie from Crew Mosley and Lucy and Sonny from Crew Tatters were able to drop off the supplies to our local Gateshead Food Bank on the Team Valley.

The volunteers at the food bank and we would like to pass on our huge appreciation to all of the students and families that contributed. Your compassion will help spread a little more joy to families in need this Christmas.

Fantastic HOWLs!

Product work continues in HUMAN sessions this week. I am SO impressed with the student’s work, as well as their commitment to producing something really important.

Some top quotes from today:

“I am trying to do an excellent job because this is for our final product and it is important.”, “I am really proud of my writing this lesson.” , “Maybe you could try and find a better synonym for sad?”

As well as students appreciating each other for:

“Really getting their head down”, “Giving me really kind critique”, “asking for critique and using my feedback to redraft their work”, as well as noticing that “he had a shaky start but I explained what he needed to do and he got really focused and then did some great work.”

The classroom culture that these students are nurturing is BRILLIANT.

Well done XPG!

Beautiful work from Holly’s Grandad

Holly N’s Grandad allowed us to have this triptych of paintings in school given its close links to our current expedition and case study looking at the 1984 Miners’ Strike.

This wonderfully atmospheric painting of the Jarrow Crusade is truly beautiful work. Thanks to Holly’s Grandad for allowing us to have it in school, and a big appreciation to Holly for bringing it in to school.

Beautiful work from Evan in G28

As part of Remembrance Evan has been doing some research into members of his family that have served in the armed forces for our country. Evan’s research and written work was extensive and very sensitively written.

In addition, he has written a fabulous review of a recent Public Service Broadcasting gig. Wonderful work here Evan, well done!

Beautiful HOWLs!

This week we have begun working on our first ever XPG Product! The students have all been set individual tasks to complete with their own deadlines. They hold themselves and others accountable with a public tracker and they are all committed to ensuring that their work is of the highest quality in order to honour the miners in our area.

In today’s session, both classes reflected on and appreciated the hard work of each other, nominating others in the class for demonstrating our 3 HOWLs: Work Hard, Get Smart, Be Kind.

An apology to Class 2 that I don’t have a picture of your nominations, but be sure to share with your parents the nominations you received – you should be proud of yourselves!


Beautiful work from Charlie D J in G28

On our fieldwork this week, a member of the public asked us about our studies and Charlie came to talk to her. Rhona was so kind as to send a card to Charlie and to our staff to thank them for taking the time to talk to her.

What a magnificent piece of work from Charlie. Our students are already making a positive impact in the community and promoting their own brilliant work and strong culture.

Well done Charlie, and thanks so much to Rhona. The card was also read out in our community meeting this morning.