Beautiful work from an elf called Ben

Ms Donlan went to see a performance at The Little Theatre with The Progressive Players this weekend and look who turned up: The Elf Who Saved Santa.

Ms Donlan was really impressed : “Ben’s performance was wonderful – he’s a natural on the stage”.

Great workshop work Ben!

Beautiful Work from Winnie

During their fieldwork this week, G29 students were interviewing members of the mining community. Here are Winnie’s beautiful notes from the session. These notes are really impressive and show how mindfully Winnie has participated in the preparatory lessons and fieldwork.

Winnie has pre-prepared questions, condensed what has been said into short points, colour coded the types of information she heard and also identified gaps in what she knows about her expert Darren. Absolutely fantastic!

Beautiful work from our nature club

This week students in nature club were scheduled to meet an expert, but after a change in plans students chose to spend the session making our local environment better by doing a litter pick in the community near to the school site. Here is Penny, delighted with her work and a full bin bag!

Beautiful work from Arlo and William

Arlo and William took part in a brass event on Friday last week ahead of the Brass In Concert competition – a world renowned event.

Arlo and William had a great day, and enjoyed playing some brilliant repertoire including Bryan Ferry, James Brown and Queen at Sage Gateshead.

Great work boys!

England Maths week is off to a FLYING start with the TTRS England Rocks competition. We have been challenging ourselves to get as many correct answers as possible in our 60 minutes a day for the competition. We’ve even had a few competitions with opportunities to beat the teacher! Here’s an update on the leaderboards.
We are eighth place in the country out of ALL of the 4000 secondary and primary schools taking part!
We are the second placed Secondary School in the country and top of the region!
Here’s the leaderboard for the classes in XPG, there is still time tomorrow to have an impact on the leaderboard!

Beautiful work from Harry T in G29

Harry has produced a wonderful draft detailing the growth and decline of Whitburn Colliery using the research that he carried out during our fieldwork and his additional reading in school.

Not only is this writing strong in terms of accuracy and a coherent structure, but there is an academic tone to the writing that is very impressive too.

Beautiful writing Harry!

Olivia has ben experimenting with the apps on her iPad to create digital art which is very much reminiscent of the manga style. What a fantastic piece!

Meanwhile Lucy in Year 8 has been creating art inspired by Paloma Faith. What is very impressive about this is that Lucy is developing a style of her own inspired by the art that she sees around her.

Beautiful work Olivia and Lucy!

Our students have been doing some beautiful work in the sporting field (and pool).

Students took part in the Junior Great North Run recently, and contributed to the wider wonderful work that the Great North Run does in raising money for such a wide range of great causes.

Well done to Harris, Arlo, Drew, Elyse and Ethan here with their medals!

And last weekend, Winnie was swimming in the Sheffield North of England regional competition. Winnie was representing Gateshead and Wickham Swimming Club in what is an  event for elite level athletes with super-fast qualifying times!

Winnie’s club have said that Winnie and her team had an excellent attitude throughout the weekend.

This video was created by our Mandarin teacher Xiaolu Tan for the Confucius Institute in China. the Confucius Institute work with partners such as Newcastle University to provide Chinese language education outside of China.

The purpose of the video is to promote teaching of Chinese in England, and highlights just how much Xiaolu and our students are enjoying learning together.

Our students are learning Mandarin as part of Common Mission at XPG. A place in the week where students follow a personalised curriculum to enable them to become the best versions of themselves. Work here also contributes to the ‘My interests’ section of the Gold JASS award.

The video above won the third place prize of the 2022 Confucius Institute Moments Global Short Video Collection Event!

Our students have taken Chinese social media by storm!!!!

The  video can be found in full on the CI website by clicking here.