Admissions for Year 7 in 2021

If your child is currently in Year 6 and you would like to apply for a place at XP Gateshead for Year 7 entry in 2021, please fill in this short online form.

Please make sure that you read the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section below.

You can find out more about XP Gateshead and our other schools here.


Frequently Asked Questions around admissions

Will the school open in 2021?

We are on track to open the school on August 31st 2021. We are now in the pre-opening phase as our bid has been approved. We are now working towards entering into a funding agreement with the Secretary of State which is the last step in confirming the opening in 2021.

I previously filled in the online form expressing an interest in admissions, do I need to do anything?

We will contact you to ask whether you wish to continue with your application. If you have already filled in the form, there is nothing that you need to do.

Can I still apply now even though the Local Authority deadline has passed?

Yes, please do! The first year of admissions will sit outside of the local authority process. Our deadline for admissions will be Thursday 20th May at 12pm midday.

Will there be a deadline for applying to XP Gateshead?

Yes, Thursday 20th May at 12pm midday

When I will I be contacted to find out if we have been successful?

If you are successful, we will make contact with you on Friday 21st May. At this point you will be able to choose between your offer from the local authority and our offer.

What if I have accepted a place at another school, and then after March I am offered a place at XP Gateshead?

As mentioned above our admissions sit outside of the local process for our first year of opening, so you would then be able to accept either the local authority place or our offer.

Will the school be at the old Thomas Hepburn site?

We are confident that this will be agreed. Approval of the use of this site is now going through due process during the pre-opening phase.

How do I apply for a place for my child?

You apply directly to us using this online form

Why did I still need to apply for other Gateshead schools in the normal way?

We expect high demand for the limited places at XP Gateshead. It is important that you have a guaranteed offer from your local authority.

If I have applied to other schools in Gateshead, will this affect our application to XP Gateshead.

Absolutely not, you have the same chance as any other family applying to XP Gateshead.

If you were successful in applying for a place at XP Gateshead, you would then have the option to take up either the place at XP Gateshead or the place offered by your local authority.

Can we apply for a Year 7 place for September 2022 now?

Not yet. The following year’s admissions will be part of the normal local authority’s coordinated arrangements. We will be hosting an open evening in the new academic year for you to visit us (COVID allowing)

Can we apply for a place for September 2021 for year groups other than Year 7 entry?

No. Our plan is to grow the school year by year, so at the moment we are only taking details from parents of children currently in Year 6.

What is your admissions policy?

Our admissions policy is in draft form at the moment. It can be read here.

We will publish a finalised admissions policy as soon as we can after the consultation closes on Thursday 6th May.

What happens if more than 50 pupils apply for places?

We do expect demand for places to exceed the 50 places we can offer. In this instance we will use the oversubscription criteria to offers for places at XP Gateshead. After priority for looked after children, children of staff and children that have siblings at the school, places for children living within the catchment area will be allocated randomly on a lottery basis. This process will be overseen by the Local Authority to ensure transparency.