Another important milestone…

This week we began inducting our new XP Gateshead staff into the XP Trust.

As you know, the first day for students at XPG is to get on a bus and carry out an outward bound expedition to discover what it means to be crew through the power of a shared adventure.

So for our staff, their first day of school is to get on a bus… and you know the rest!

A great start for our new staff

On Monday and Tuesday our XP Gateshead staff crew joined with colleagues in Doncaster to navigate a walk in the wilderness, carried out a an introspective solo, abseiled from a bridge 25m up and used bushcraft skills to cook up some food on an open fire.

These experiences are so important to our staff crew, not just in building bonds between us, but in helping us to prepare for leading crews of your children through their first outward bound expedition and establishing the strong culture for the years to come.

I have been privileged to be in involved in, and at times lead the staff induction for the last six years. It is safe to say that your sons and daughters are going to be in safe hands.

I’d like to thank all of our colleagues in Doncaster for being so welcoming, but especially our new XPG staff crew who have each faced and conquered personal challenges over the last couple of days. It’s hard to believe that we got on that bus on Monday morning – it feels like we’ve been together for years already.