Staffing Update

Dear Families

As you may be aware, Bonny Power has been absent from school for a lot of this term. This has been due to personal health issues and caring responsibilities. Miss Power will officially leave us at the end of this term, she has decided to leave teaching for a while and explore other opportunities. 

I’m sure that you will join me in thanking Bonny Power for all of her high quality work at XP Gateshead as a Mathematics teacher and a Crew Leader. 

I would also like to take the opportunity to praise Rebecca Marshall for her additional work this term in mathematics to cover Miss Powers’ absence and ensure that our students continue to have a high quality mathematics experience.

In January, Stephanie Jamison will join our team as a STEAM teacher.

Julie Mosley


Crew Angelou Charity Update

YoungMinds Charity - Boingboing

Hello everyone! 

During our crew day Crew Angelou built upon the¬† research we did on our crew charity Young Minds last year. Young Minds is a UK based children’s mental health charity that provides support such as advice, a 24/7 text helpline and many articles made specifically for every child’s individual and unique struggles.

There is guidance for a myriad of experiences on the Young Minds website meaning hopefully everyone at our school and anyone else that may find it useful. For example, there are multiple links that lead to information and advice on individual experiences and feelings. Children will most likely be able to find a story or piece of advice they can relate to or use. Not only are there reassurances for different mental health issues but there is also information and advice for children struggling with their gender, sexuality, race, body and kinds of discrimination they may be facing.

Parents, carers and teachers will also find help and resources! These are mainly focused around how to help and support a child in your care who is in need of it. If you feel that you will find it beneficial, please check out the website.

Our crew are currently planning a Christmas Party including a Karaoke fundraiser to raise money for Young Minds. This will take place on Wednesday   20th December from 4.30 until 6.30pm. Tickets are £1.50. We hope to see you there.  

Crew Angelou 

Sharing our Stories: 08/12/2023

Beautiful Work This Week

Green Top EYFS: Exploring our World – beautiful curated work in our community!

Activism at XP Gateshead

Carcroft KS1 Santa Dash!

Green Top UKS2 ‘Earth Emergency’ Presentation of Learning

Top of the Blogs

Class 8 Christmas Jumper Day @ Green Top

Crew Stanton Christmas Movie Night @ XP Gateshead

Festive Friday @ XP

Community Clubs @ Plover

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas @ Norton Juniors

Working Hard in Human! @ XP East

Christmas Dinner @ Carcroft School

Our week in Class 1 so far @ Norton Infants

We’ve got Vacancies at XP Trust!

Visit to find out more and apply to #JoinOurCrew

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It might be something you or your students have achieved, a charity you’re supporting or anything at all that deserves a wider audience.

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Crew Stanton Christmas Movie Night!

Thank you to everyone who supported the movie night tonight – festive fun had by all.

We have some baked goods left over which we will be selling at break and lunch tomorrow so if you would like to purchase anything make sure you bring some cash!

Crew Stanton Christmas Movie Night

The movie night is taking place tomorrow and will be in the theatre. We are having issues with heating in that room so please make sure that students are wrapped up and cosy for the movie!

There will be hotdogs, hot chocolate, fresh popcorn, baked goods, sweets and pop all on sale on the night.

They are welcome to go home and get changed or bring a change of clothes to school.

Crew Stanton Christmas Movie Night for Tiny Lives!

On Thursday 7th December Crew Stanton will be hosting a Christmas film. The film will start at 5:00 but students should arrive from 4:30 so they can purchase their hot chocolates and hot dogs and buy their refreshments. We estimate that students will be leaving the site by 7pm. 

Students can attend extended study as usual that night and then go to the movie, or they can go home and come back for 4:30.

Tickets will be £1.50 and will be sold at break and lunch TOMORROW.

Students can wear whatever they like, Christmas outfits are encouraged!

The money raised will go towards supporting our crew charity, Tiny Lives.

Fantastic singing opportunity

SING! is part of the The National Youth Choir of Great Britain.

The upcoming year’s SING! will start with a Spring Weekend, and participants can then choose to sign up for a Summer Vocal Day, and an Autumn Workshop Day with National Youth Choir vocal leaders.¬†

Spring Weekend 2024 

3rd & 4th February 10am ‚Äď 4pm¬†¬†
Newcastle Sixth Form College  

Take part in a weekend of singing with young people from across the North East! Learn new songs with the friendly team of vocal leaders from National Youth Choir, make new friends and develop your musical skills. At the end of the weekend, there will be a short celebration performance for your families so you can share what you have learnt together! 

  • For anyone¬†interested in¬†singing in Y6 to Y9¬†at¬†a¬†state school or home schooled¬†in the¬†North East¬†of England, who aren’t currently part of National Youth Choir.¬†¬†
  • Whatever¬†style of music you love to sing, this weekend is open to all. We‚Äôll¬†learn¬†a wide range of songs together!¬†
  • It‚Äôs¬†free to take part and¬†we can¬†support travel costs¬†from¬†across the region for you and your family.

For more information and to sign up to SING! click here.

Dear Families

Hard work has continued as always in school this week. In crew, students have been working on their pledges around improving their HoWLs and academic performance. You will receive your child’s snapshot next week and your child will share their pledges with you so that you can see which areas they are targeting for improvement over the coming months.

Craftsmanship and quality is high on our agenda with Presentations of Learning for G28, G29 and G30 in the final two weeks of term. Our students will be working hard on their final products and preparing their responses to the guiding questions that they have been exploring all term. We cannot wait for them to share their beautiful work with you and know that, as always, they will impress with their compassion in supporting each other in the coming weeks, and the courage they will show when presenting their learning to the community. 

On Tuesday G30 students enjoyed working with our expert singer songwriter  Joe Solo on their folksongs which they will perform as part of their final product.



As you know, Mr Devitt graduated on Friday. Crew Parks gave him a great send off as he left site on Friday to attend his graduation ceremony with an impromptu guard of honour. 

Our week ahead 

Extended Study and Clubs

Our full after school offer is available this week with extended study and clubs running. 

PE sessions this week

Our PE sessions this week are as follows. Please ensure that your child has their  full PE kit.

All G30 students (Year 7) have PE on Monday this week.

All G29 students (Year 8) have PE on Wednesday this week.

For G28 students (Year 9)

  • G28 Class 2 students have PE on Tuesday and Friday this week. This is to account for the session that was missed due to a staff day.
  • Due to the Crew Day this week on Thursday, G28 Class 1 students will have an extra session of PE in a future week to accommodate this.

Crew Day – Thursday 7th December

Every term, we look to run a Crew Day which is an opportunity to ‚Äėtend‚Äô to crew and culture. Crew is our support network at XPG and key to the continued success of everyone at our school, we will revisit what it means to be crew and our responsibilities in getting everyone to the top of the mountain.

On Thursday, students will work with their crew and Crew Leader for the day developing their teamwork, crew identity and wellbeing.

In this week’s Crew Day:

G30 students will start their work on researching suitable people after whom to name their crews – people who have achieved great things and who display our character traits of courage, integrity, respect, craftsmanship and quality, and above all compassion.

G29 will start their work on  looking at which charity they want to support. Students will be putting together their proposals and pitching to the rest of their crew their choice of charity.

G28 will continue their activism work, the awareness raising and charity work they are planning to carry out this academic year. 

Presentations of Learning – a reminder of dates for your diary

G28 РHow are structures important in helping us to explain our world? 

G28 will be presenting their learning on the evening of Thursday 14th December in Newcastle. The venue for this is Newcastle University, with part of the evening being held in the Herschel Building Lecture Theatre – where we held our Do Your Bit PoL in Year 7. The other half of the evening will be in the Farrell Centre which is nearby on Claremont Road. We anticipate that the evening will start at 6pm and finish at around 7.30pm. More details to follow on which building to go to first.

G30 – What do the communities of NE England owe to the miners?

G30 will be presenting their learning on the evening of Monday 18th December at St Mary’s Church in Heworth at 6pm-7.30pm.

G29 – What does it mean to be human?

G29 will be presenting their learning on the evening of Tuesday 19th December at XP Gateshead at 6pm-7.30pm.

A reminder that on these evenings, students remain in school to rehearse and polish their presentations. For the events that take place outside of school, we will transport students to the venues. Families are then asked to take students home directly from the venue.

Public speaking and sharing of learning through PoLs are an important element of our school model, and so it is vital that every student has someone from their family that is able to attend and support them in developing their character and demonstrating their academic learning.

As usual if you have any questions about your son or daughter please get in touch with your child‚Äôs Crew Leader in the first instance or email general enquiries to [email protected].

Julie Mosley

Principal, XP Gateshead

Sharing our Stories: 01/12/2023

Beautiful Work This Week

Pride of Thorne Awards

This very special event has brought together nominees from across Green Top’s local community who have been recognised for their invaluable work both with and for the people of Thorne. From food banks to emergency services to care homes – all were presented awards by KS1 children at Green Top, as part of their Expedition ‘Not all superheroes wear capes’. The list and variety of work celebrated this evening was incredible and each and every award was so well deserved. Congratulations to all of you from Green Top!

Norton Infants march for Askern CRY Foodbank

Carcroft celebrate and share their awesome ‘Chronica Carcroft’ Roman Newspaper!

Top of the Blogs

Year 6 final touchdown writing @ Green Top

G28 Class 1 Court Case @ XP Gateshead

X27 Ethics revising hard! @ XP

Case Study 3 – Reflection in 1M @ Plover

A freezing day out at the Kids EFL Cup! @ Norton Juniors

Christmas is coming! @ XP East

What does it mean to be British? @ Carcroft School

Presentation of Learning @ Norton Infants

We’ve got Vacancies at XP Trust!

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Share your stories with us!

We now have a new dedicated news email so that you can send your stories, updates or ideas about potential news articles directly to us in Comms.

It might be something you or your students have achieved, a charity you’re supporting or anything at all that deserves a wider audience.

Write to us at [email protected] –  we want to hear about it, write about it and celebrate it!