Positive Case of COVID in G28/Y7

Unfortunately, we have received confirmation that a student in Crew Mosley in Y7/G28 has tested positive for Covid19 via PCR test.

NHS Track and Trace may get in touch with some parents as they are the organisation for helping the student to identify close contacts – they may advise the identified contacts to have a PCR test. As per the revised guidelines, children under 18 and 6 months and adults who have been double jabbed no longer need to isolate.

The document that we use at school to support all operational matters surrounding Covid19 states that those children who are close contacts should continue to go to school as normal (unless they have symptoms):

Staff who do not need to isolate, and children and young people aged under 18 years 6 months who usually attend school, and have been identified as a close contact, should continue to attend school as normal.

The following document provides additional useful information: ‘Guidance for contacts of a person with a positive test result for coronavirus (COVID-19) who do not live with that person.’

Thanks for your support in testing at home. It is much appreciated.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.



G28 Weekly update w/c13th Sep 2021

I hope you are well and your son/daughter is continuing to enjoy their time at XP Gateshead. From all of our staff crew we just wanted to let you know that the conduct of our students has been absolutely exemplary and we couldn’t be more happy with how they have settled into their new school. Together, we are already building such a strong culture based on our character traits of courage, respect, craftsmanship & quality, integrity and above all compassion.

This week we introduced students to our HoWLs (habits of work and learning) which are: work hard, get smart and be kind, and again we are so pleased at how students have taken ownership of these HoWLs, supporting and challenging each other to be the best versions of themselves.

Just a few updates and reminders for the week ahead.


Professional development days

We will be closed for students on Friday 17th September and Monday 20th September. These staff days are crucial for us to be able to work together across the whole of the XP School Trust on our incredible curriculum and our wider work to ensure success for all students.

We will not be setting work for students during this time however we would encourage students to read their crew reader, Seedfolks. If you have not already done so, it may be useful to look at our calendar to make a not of future staff days too:



School lunches

Good news – we are hoping to be able to deliver hot meals from Tuesday 21st September. We think these will represent good value for money. Details on how to order and pay for meals will be posted next week. In the meantime the 2 week menu below shows the choice of food available each day. Week one will commence Mon 20th (teacher day) so children will start with the Tuesday menu on the 21st September. Week two menu will commence on Monday 27th September.

COVID precautions

We are continuing to be as careful as we can be regarding COVID and staying as safe as possible while in school. We are taking the following precautions:

  • Keeping our building as ventilated as possible by opening windows and doors wherever we can.
  • Surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant everyday by our cleaners and additionally we ask students to wipe surfaces down when they have been in a classroom.
  • Practising good hygiene by encouraging students to wash their hands on a regular basis and providing hand sanitiser in every classroom


In addition we would ask parents to support in keeping our school as Covid free as possible by doing the following:

  • Please inform us if your child develops symptoms or if there is a member of your family who tests positive for Covid. In these situations we will ask if we can carry out daily lateral flow tests with your child.
  • Please test your child twice every week using the lateral flow tests we have provided today. Tests should be carried out on Sunday evening and Wednesday evening and we ask that you enter the result on a Google Form. This form takes no more than a minute to complete. We will test students in school on the following Monday or Thursday morning if we have not received a test result.
  • If your child tests positive then please keep them isolated and obtain a confirmatory PCR test as is the normal arrangement.


We really appreciate the support of all of our parents in helping to keep our school community as safe as possible. 

If you have any questions concerning your child please ask crew leaders and for more general enquiries please contact [email protected]xpgateshead.org

Thanks for your ongoing support, we are delighted with how your children have started their time with us at XP Gateshead.



How to let us know about COVID home testing results


Government guidance is for you to test your son or daughter twice each week until the end of September at the earliest, when the situation will be reviewed.

We need your support in testing your son or daughter on a Sunday evening and a Wednesday evening starting this Sunday 12th September.

To record the results of COVID tests at home, please fill in a short Google Form after each test. To find the Google Form go to the menu of our website and under parents you can find a link that says Register your COVID home test result.

Alternatively, look for this button on our homepage:

Your son or daughter has been given tests to take home. If you are happy to source your own kits, please their crew leader know.

As you have seen each week we will photograph any lost property so that it can be claimed.

Students’ kit/clothing is their own responsibility but inevitably on occasion things will get misplaced or mistakenly picked up.

Given that we have a dress code that includes the option of branded clothing, it would be really helpful if you could put your son or daughter’s name somewhere on branded garments to make it easier to get anything that is lost back to you.

Thanks again for your support in the above.

Immersion Kick-off

Today we started the immersion for our learning expeditions. Student conduct has been exemplary – as we knew it would be. Ask your son or daughter what they think their expedition might be about!

Sonny and Lucy working hard to get smart


PE Kit – reminder

Students had a fantastic first session of PE this afternoon in the lovely sunshine that we have been enjoying.

Please see this section below, taken from our dress code .

We just wanted to re-emphasise that the wearing of branded PE kit is not essential. However shorts, socks and T-shirts should be black. Also, students need trainers that are suitable for PE / sports, so they need a sole that is non slip and will provide some cushion to students when they are on hard ground.


Lost Property – 8th September 2021

We have the items shown below in store, mostly from Ullswater, but also one small XPG polo shirt from PE today.

Please ask your son or daughter to collect them from their crew leader if anything belongs to them.

G28 Deposits from Ullswater

We will return deposits to Mr Dobson and Mrs Mosley’s crew today, so students should return to you with their cash in full.

In Miss Tatters’ and Mr Devitt/Mr Said’s crews, each crew did not return one headlamp. This was not due to a lack of care, as things do genuinely get lost. However the Ullswater centre cannot absorb these costs. As a result each student in these crews will get £9 back from their initial deposit.

It would be really helpful if your son or daughter is in Miss Tatters’ or Mr Devitt/Mr Said’s crew if you could give your son or daughter £1 to bring to school. Then we can give them their £10 note in return when we receive the £1.

Thanks for your assistance.

There was also a very small amount of lost property from the coach. We will post photos of that later today.

A reminder of our calendar to parents of G28

Our calendars are published at xptrust.org/calendars

Each term we have two staff days so that our teachers can collaborate across the Trust to create the high quality curriculum that our students study.

As you can see from the calendar below, each set of staff days comes in the middle of each half-term on a Friday and a Monday.

There are two upcoming staff days on Friday 17th and Monday 20th September.

On these days students do not attend school and there is no expectation that they complete work beyond their extended study (homework).

G28 Weekly update w/6th Sep 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

I hope your son/daughter has returned from Ullswater full of tales of their outward bound adventures. It was incredible to see them make new friends, begin to form strong bonds with their crew and crew leaders, and rise to the challenges put in front of them. I could not help but be impressed by our new students. They were compassionate, courageous, respectful and showed integrity in equal measure. We could not have had a stronger start to our school year.

Regarding w/c 6th September

We are expecting students in school for an 8.30am start so they must arrive in school by 8.25am at the latest. There will be staff in school and supervising from 8 am.

We will finish formal sessions at 3.15pm however students are able to stay in school until 4.30pm. There will be a suite of activities and extended study after school – more details on this in the coming weeks. From now, students are able to stay until 4.30pm Monday-Thursday, but must either be studying or in an after school activity. Students must leave school by 3.30pm on Friday.

There are more details on our frequently asked questions about kit, but students will need a school bag with the following:

  • A filled water bottle
  • Pencil case including: pens, pencils, ruler, eraser and pencil sharpener
  • Headphones – ideally not expensive ones, for example here

I would also suggest that students bring a healthy snack for break time – no confectionery (sweets), fizzy drinks or energy drinks please as we do not allow these in school.


I have been in touch with the Local Authority catering team and they will be providing meals on our behalf. This will be in the form of a packed lunch option for a couple of weeks and will then transition to hot meals when our kitchen is set up. Gateshead has a system for parents to pay for school meals and we will be in touch with details for this over the course of next week. In the meantime if your child requires a packed lunch they simply need to request one from their crew leader when they register in the morning.

Below are the details I have been provided with regarding the packed lunch offer for the next two weeks.
Covid Testing

We will be carrying out Covid testing in line with government guidance when students return to school on Monday and again on Thursday morning. I am not anticipating this to cause any issues as things went very smoothly last week.

The current guidance is that from that point, you should test your son or daughter twice per week (ideally Sundays and Wednesdays) until the end of September. At the end of September the government will review their guidance. This means that the first time you should test your son or daughter at home will be Sunday 12th September. We can provide kits for you to do this.

Site Refurbishment

In other news – most of our furniture has arrived and our classrooms are fully set up although we still need to move some pieces of furniture around. We have our internet connection and brand new TV screens in every room. There will be some ongoing work to the outside of the building and we are still waiting for some orders to be processed and delivered. I am still waiting for confirmation of our iPad delivery although I believe it is scheduled for next week.

We have everything we need to begin teaching and are looking forward to starting our first expedition with our students. As usual if you have any questions about your or daughter please get in touch with your child’s crew leader in the first instance or email general enquiries to [email protected]

Thank you for your ongoing support, the whole staff crew are very much looking forward to seeing our students on Monday morning.

Best wishes

Mark Lovatt


Preparing for the arrival of iPads

To be ready for the delivery of the iPads you will need to have an Apple ID.

An Apple ID will allow you to sign into the iPad and is your one stop login to apple services. This login will not affect the management system that we have to control what apps are used in school time.

If you do not have an Apple ID, you will need to set one up before the iPads arrive. Children under 13 cannot have an Apple ID so as parents, you will need to set up the Apple ID in your name with your details.

This process is very straightforward. Here is a video showing how to set up an Apple ID: