Fieldwork for G29 Students on Tuesday 29th November

Fieldwork to Ashington

All Year 7 students will be taking part in fieldwork to Ashington this coming Tuesday 29th November as part of their expedition From The Ground Up.

We will be leaving school by coach at 9.30am and will return to school in time for lunchtime in school.

This fieldwork has been organised so that students can gather oral histories from members of the Northumberland mining community. This will help them to answer their guiding question “What do the communities of North-East England owe to the miners?”

The stories that our students hear in their interviews will be written up into the final product for this learning expedition. This will be a book of stories and historical enquiries about Northumberland Pits and the wider mining community.

An excerpt from the book produced by G28 last year

Presentation of Learning

You will be able to see and hear much more about this in our students’ Presentation of Learning on Monday 12th December, which will be live streamed on Youtube at 5.30pm. A reminder that students will stay in school from 3.30pm until this event, after which students will be ready to be collected from school at around 7pm. Students can bring some healthy snacks to eat before the presentation of learning begins. This is a formal event, so we ask students to dress smartly. More information on how to join the event online will be shared in the coming weeks.