G28 SPANISH EXTENDED STUDY – Due Mon 11th October

Now that students have their devices, we will begin to increase the amount of extended study that students are asked to do. We set extended study through Google Classroom. Your son or daughter can now access this through Safari on their iPad. In time we will add parent emails to Google Classroom so that you get updates on a weekly basis of work that has been set.


Students can either do extended study after school, or at home. This week, students have extended study for Spanish.

The instructions below have been shared with students through Google Classroom. They have links to the resources needed in Google Classroom too.



Task 1) On a blank piece of paper write down all of the vocabulary you can remember from this term so far.

You can: Say your name; say how you are; say your age; say where you live and where you want to live.

Task 2) Look at the pictures you took on your phone for 5 minutes and memorise more vocabulary. When the 5 minutes is up add to the list you made in task 1 in a different coloured pen. Do not copy it over.

Task 3) Google Forms quizzes linked in Classroom. Take your time and read the questions carefully. “Mi Cumpleaños” = my birthday. This is a quiz in preparation for next week so you will need to refer to the Sentence Builder in Google Classroom.

Task 4)  Spend 20 minutes improving your letter to a Spanish friend. I am attaching feedback from your previous homework to each of you individually and I would like you all to act upon it to redraft your work.

“sp” =  check spelling
underlined =  a vocab. error or something which is from a translator which should not be there,
^  =   a word or punctuation missing

I may have put a couple of observations or comments underneath on how to improve your writing.

Improve your writing: 

– Challenge yourself and see if you can write it from memory.
– Add something new. e.g.” Tengo una hermana que tiene quince años / Soy hijo único.” 
– If you look up vocabulary from your lesson resources, that’s fine. Please write it in a different colour pen.

This work is due Monday evening so spread it out through the week. I will be checking it has been done by everyone on Monday night.