G28 Weekly update w/c 20th Sep 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians

Just a reminder that students will return to school on Tuesday 21st September this week following our teacher day on Monday.

Students continue to settle in well and have been exploring themes from diverse communities and how they support each other, to coal and the geology of the North East. They have also been analysing local maps and discovering how line, tone, form, and shape, can be used in Art. All these ideas are connected and are part of what we call “immersion” before we reveal our first expedition and our guiding question towards the end of this week. 

School lunches

There will be a slight delay to the launch of our new school kitchen so please plan to bring packed lunches for at least the first two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) of this coming week. Our kitchen is ready (and looks great) and we are just waiting for electricians to check and test equipment and to put in a second ring circuit to ensure we have enough supply. This should be completed in the early part of this week and I will update you as soon as possible.


Please continue to  let us know if your son/daughter shows any symptoms for Covid and please also continue to test your son/daughter with the lateral flow tests provided every Sunday and Wednesday evening. Thank you for continuing to enter negative test results in the google sheet as normal – this is really appreciated and helps us to keep our school open and safe.


There has been a delay to the shipping of iPads for two reasons. Firstly due to the nationwide issues with haulage, the Logitech cases were not in stock and we did not want to give the students their iPads without the protection and additional functionality that the cases provide. Secondly, we have been presented with the option to to wait a further week when newer 10.2 versions of the iPads would be in stock, which would give you as parents better value for money.

Given that there was already a delay and it would mean just one week more, we have agreed to wait until Monday 28th September, which is the estimated delivery date for the new improved models of the iPads.

As always thanks for your support