G29: Unheard voices of WWI


Last year, Y8 recorded a radio broadcast of unheard voices from WWI. They did this to honour the sacrifices of those who are sometimes forgotten when we remember the victims of WWI.

I am proud to share that this broadcast will be played on Memory Lane Radio on Saturday 11th November at 11am (their Armistice day slot!) Reuben visited the studio with Mrs Downes and was interviewed about the project. We will share a link to this interview in the coming days.

This is a huge honour for us and our students and I would encourage you all to tune in and celebrate our student’s beautiful work.

When answering the guiding question for that expedition, Scarlett wrote:

In this expedition I have reflected on how many people’s contributions went unrecognised during the war. Which has led me to believe that people’s sacrifices should be remembered for what they did for their country. What I think we all need to do is when thinking of the war make sure to remember and think about the unheard voices that you would not think of and their contributions. What I personally pledge to do is recognise the sacrifices people at home and on the battlefield made during the war. As a G29 cohort we are making sure that their sacrifices are recognised and remembered.   

So on this Armistice day, who will you honour?

Make sure you tune in on Saturday at 11am to Memory Lane Radio.