G30 Crew Day – Monday 13th May

As you know Year 7 students are carrying out a day of fundraising at Gateshead International Stadium linked to their studies from the last learning expedition “Staying Alive”. Students read a text excerpted from worldvision.org about two children whose lives were profoundly different, due to their access to clean water.

Working together in Crews, our students will aim to carry 5 litre bottles of water around as many laps of the 400m track as they can. We will make reasonable adjustments for student where this is appropriate, for example those with disabilities or with injuries.

The funds raised will be put towards twinning our school toilets with a set that have been installed in an area of need, transforming a community.

Students will start school at the regular time. We will be travelling to the stadium on foot and by metro and returning during the school day so students will finish at the regular time of 3.15pm.

Children will need a packed lunch for the day. We can provide packed lunches to children that usually have free school meals.

The weather forecast at the moment is mild but with a chance of showers.

Students will bring home their sponsorship forms today.

Students will need:

  • Their regular kit for the day including their water bottle.
  • Suncream
  • Comfortable trainer style shoes such as what is worn for PEย for walking distance on the running track.
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather, including a waterproof jacket or top.
  • A packed lunch.