G30’s Final Presentation of Learning

As we near the end of G30’s first year at XPG, we are reflecting on what a fantastic, jam-packed year it has been. The third and final Presentation of Learning (POL) in Year 7 for G30 will take place in school on Tuesday, 16th July, starting at 4:30 PM and concluding by 6:00 PM.

This evening will celebrate our students’ learning and achievements, featuring the launch of their Music CD, a product of their first expedition, ‘From the Ground Up.’ There will be a performance of the four songs that the students wrote alongside our very own music specialist teacher, Martin Said, and award-winning musician and writer, Joe Solo. These songs were performed for the first time in December at St. Mary’s Church and were well-received by all who attended. Parents and guests will have the opportunity to purchase a copy of the CD on the night, which also contains a booklet with song lyrics and acknowledgements, as a keepsake for £5.

Additionally, there will be a Hosted Gallery Walk where your children will guide you through images and articles from their current expedition, ‘Hold Back The River’ which has the guiding question ‘How does water shape our world?’  The students will explain their learning and the knowledge they’ve gained, giving you an insight into the rigour of our academic curriculum and showcasing the development of their HoWLs (habits of work and learning), Work Hard, Get Smart and Be Kind, as well as our core character traits: Respect, Courage, Craftsmanship and quality, Integrity, and above all, Compassion.

We ask our students to dress in a more formal manner for Presentations of Learning as this helps prepare them in advance to enter the larger arena of the professional and business world and gives them the mindset of the importance of the event and its audience. Students may wish to wear a shirt / blouse, trousers and shoes or a formal dress but our branded polo shirts are also appropriate for these occasions.

Students will remain in school on the day for a walk through rehearsal so we can ensure the evening runs smoothly and timely. They may bring a healthy snack to have at the end of the school day. It is crucial that each student has at least one family member present to support them, as our Presentations of Learning are a key component of our educational model. These events are carefully planned to help students develop character, showcase their beautiful work, and highlight the vital partnership between family, school, and the students themselves in contributing to their progress and growth. We look forward to welcoming you for the final time this academic year.