Arrangements for the start of term – G28 and G29

Dear Parents/Guardians

We hope you have had a refreshing summer break and are looking forward to the start of our new term. Below are the arrangements for our first day back to school which is Tuesday August 30th.

Update on arrangements for the start of term (Staggered start)

Year 7 (G29)

Students should turn up as previously communicated between 8.00am and 8.25am. They will be met at the school gate and will go to their first crew session where they will be briefed about their outward bound experience. 

Please note there are to be no nut products in packed lunches – this is especially important as we have students in this cohort who are highly allergic to nut products.

Year 8 (G28)

Having reviewed our arrangements for the start of term and as a change to previous communications, Year 8 students should arrive at 10.30am on Tuesday 30th. This is to allow G29 students to be accommodated and to get away on their Ullswater trip.


We will resume a more comprehensive parental update next week and in the meantime any queries to [email protected] in the first instance.


We are looking forward to seeing you all again.


Best wishes

Mark Lovatt