Beautiful work from and Harris, Isla, Betsy, Daria, Sonny and Xiaolu our Mandarin teacher

This video was created by our Mandarin teacher Xiaolu Tan for the Confucius Institute in China. the Confucius Institute work with partners such as Newcastle University to provide Chinese language education outside of China.

The purpose of the video is to promote teaching of Chinese in England, and highlights just how much Xiaolu and our students are enjoying learning together.

Our students are learning Mandarin as part of Common Mission at XPG. A place in the week where students follow a personalised curriculum to enable them to become the best versions of themselves. Work here also contributes to the ‘My interests’ section of the Gold JASS award.

The video above won the third place prize of the 2022 Confucius Institute Moments Global Short Video Collection Event!

Our students have taken Chinese social media by storm!!!!

The  video can be found in full on the CI website by clicking here.