Get ready for something special

Memory Lane Radio are hosting our Y7 students’ work on Friday 20th May at 2pm. You can listen live by clicking on the link and pressing the play button.

What a fantastic way for our students work to connect with their community and a listenership of over 100,000 people!

Clear your diaries, you will not want to miss this!


Beautiful work from Katie

Katie has also been trying out recipes before they were gathered in our food boxes.

Here are Katie’s socca gluten free frying pan pizza and since she had some free time, she also made the cookies.

Beautiful work Katie!

Beautiful work from Lucy

More experimentation her, Lucy chose to mix up the pizza toast with her idea of a crumpet base.

Again, these picture could have come straight from a recipe book.

Beautiful work Lucy!

Beautiful work from Maddie

Here is Maddie trying out a recipe for our food boxes.

Maddie went a little off-piste and used plain flour rather than wholemeal flour for these cookies with a difference, and chose to make fewer, larger cookies too.

That’s what it’s all about, experimenting in the kitchen and having a great time, which is fantastic  to see!

(Not sure about drinking raw egg though)

Great work Maddie!

Beautiful work from Isabelle

Isabelle has also been trying out recipes before they were gathered in our food boxes.

Here is Isabelle working on Jack Munroe’s beetburgers, and the final product looks straight out of a serving suggestion photograph!

Absolutely fantastic work Isabelle.

Beautiful work from all of our G28 students

Today our students delivered their food boxes to our partners Edberts House.

As you have seen students have been trying out recipes and Crews have paired up to plan a menu of meals for a week. We have created two food boxes with ingredients for recipes from Cooking on a Bootstrap by Jack Munroe. These food boxes will provide food security to two families for this coming week.

This is really important work. We ask our students to work hard, and to get smart, so they can go out into the world and be kind by making a positive difference to their community. What an incredible thing that they have done, with our families’ help in donating this food.

A really proud moment for us all, and a special appreciation to Ruby, Lucy, Isla, Maddie who presented their learning using extracts from their answers to our guiding question “Is survival sufficient?”

Beautiful work from Liam

To those that have visited Gateshead in the last couple of week from other areas of the country, they might well have wondered why the place smells of pizza toast!?! Look no further it’s our G28 students.

This is important and beautiful work that Liam and his peers have been doing though.

A reminder that students have been trying out the recipes ahead of us putting together food boxes with food for a whole week’s worth of Jack Munroe’s recipes. These food boxes were then donated to families through our partners Edberts House.

This was part of our STEAM learning expedition, Staying Alive.

Fantastic work Liam!