Beautiful Work from Lucy

Lucy has produced a beautiful charcoal illustration of Mr Lovatt’s Dad’s miners’ lamp for our From the Ground Up book. We particularly like how the bands of consistent tonal values give the impression of the metallic surface on the barrel of the lamp. Great work Lucy!

Lucy has also been busy honing her line skills at home over the Christmas break, producing these wonderful sketches of Disney characters.


Reverse Advent: Above All… Compassion

Today was the end of our reverse advent in school. Students and families have been providing important supplies of food and household items throughout December.

This morning Emily and Macie from Crew Mosley and Lucy and Sonny from Crew Tatters were able to drop off the supplies to our local Gateshead Food Bank on the Team Valley.

The volunteers at the food bank and we would like to pass on our huge appreciation to all of the students and families that contributed. Your compassion will help spread a little more joy to families in need this Christmas.