What are XP’s long-term plans for the North-East?

Should we be successful in our application to open the school, our initial focus will be to successfully set up XP Gateshead and to ensure this is providing an outstanding experience for young people in Gateshead.

Once we have established XP Gateshead to the same high standards as our schools in Doncaster, we will consider how the school could become a new ‘hub’ for XP in the North-East.

Our expectation would be for this to follow a similar path to our Doncaster hub, with primary schools whose values are aligned to XP’s joining our trust, and additional secondary schools where there is a demonstrable need for this kind of provision.

How do universities respond to our way of working?

Our Doncaster schools work in close partnerships with university providers to give students experiences on university campuses throughout their school year. We have a very strong relationship with Sheffield Hallam University in particular. Our focus on character growth, beautiful work and academic success means that XP students will be highly prized when it comes to university places.

No. We place great importance on working with experts, carrying out purposeful fieldwork and development of character through adventurous activities such as Outward Bound and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. These are all integral parts of our curriculum and are free of charge to all parents.

Of course, if parents are able and willing to contribute financially or with their time/expertise we would welcome that, but it is by no means expected.

Can I apply to work at XP Gateshead?

At the moment, we are in the application phase of the process to open a new school. If in Summer 2020 we are approved to open, then we will begin recruitment for leadership including a Principal, Teaching Staff, Learning Coaches to support in the classroom and Administration

Our advice at the moment would be to subscribe to our website or follow us on Twitter / Facebook to keep updated on our progress.

During 2020 we will be holding further consultation events, so come along and talk to us in person.

Details on how to apply to our existing schools in Doncaster are here.