G28 Parents – New assessment information snapshots shared

We are delighted to be able to share with you today, your child’s latest assessment information snapshot. As with the previous snapshot, this gives details of your child’s attendance, HoWLs (habits of work and learning) and overall academic progress.

This video explains how your child is using this assessment information in this term.

Next Student-Led Conferences

Our next set of SLCs (Student-Led Conferences) will take place in the fortnight commencing 13th June. These SLCs will focus on the pledges that your child is making based on their most up to date assessment information snapshot. The booking system for slots for SLC and your child’s updated pledges will be shared with you in the w/c 23rd May.

In the meantime, we are asking you to complete a Google Form to ask your child questions that you would like them to answer as part of their SLC, or for more information that you would like to see as part of their SLC. This will help your child to plan what they would like to show you in their 25-minute conference.

Here is the link to complete the Google Form which is now accepting responses.

Please look carefully at the snapshot information that is shared with you here, and of course discuss this at home with your child. The questions and points you raise here will help them to plan what evidence and work they will present to you when you come into school for their SLC.

As part of their SLC your child will present their pledges and what actions are being taken to address any concerns, as well as reflecting upon and recognising areas of pride.

Of course, as usual if you would like to discuss your child’s academic progress and character development with us, please get in contact with their Crew Leader in the first instance.