G28 parents – Tech update

iPad OS & Safari

In iPad OS, the web browser Safari behaves just like it would on a laptop. This means that on your son or daughter’s iPad, there is no need to download the Google Apps such as classroom, gmail or docs as they can all be accessed from Safari.


Notifications on smartphones

It is a good idea to add your son or daughter’s school google account to their phone too. This will mean they will get notifications on their phone too when teachers email or set work through Google Classroom.

To set up the school account on a phone go to:

Settings, Accounts, Add Account, Add Google Account

Their email address to set up the Google account on their phone will be in the form:

[email protected]

Your son or daughter has those login details saved on their iPad in Google Keep. They can show you this.


Google Classroom

You have now been invited to Google Classroom. When you accept this invite you will receive regular emails with a summary of the work that has been set though Google Classroom. You can choose to make these daily or weekly updates.

We use Google Classroom for work in class, and for extended study. Extended Study is completed outside of class time at break, lunch, after school or at home.



Your daughter or son has full and free access to a wide range of educational videos through a site we subscribe to a site called Clickview. We will set work through Clickview’s interactive videos, but during the two-week break they can explore thousands of educational videos on pretty much any topic you can imagine.