You can watch the Live Stream for our Open Evening event that took place on the 19th November above.

Find the template to write a letter of support for our application to the Secretary of State here: https://xpgateshead.org/xp-gateshead-… As discussed in our live stream, COVID-related delays mean that we are still waiting for approval. We have a vacant school building, we have a great model, we have fantastic local community support, we are ready to go.

You can find out more about admissions here.

XP Gateshead is an exciting and innovative new small secondary school for 11-16 year olds, to be opened by the XP School Trust. The school will be based on the same model as strikingly successful XP Schools in Doncaster.

XP School Doncaster opened in 2014. and is heavily influenced by the extremely successful practices of High Tech High and EL Education (Expeditionary Learning) schools, USA. Our strategic vision is defined by our Design Principles.

XP School Doncaster was inspected by Ofsted in July 2017 and found to be “Outstanding” in all areas.

XP School Doncaster has also recently received its first set of GCSE results in Summer 2019. The fantastic results are a credit to the students and the team at XP.

XP East opened in 2017, creating a campus of two schools in Doncaster.

The proposed location for XP Gateshead is the site of the former Thomas Hepburn Community Academy school in High Felling, which closed in 2019.

We aim to open in September 2021, welcoming 50 students into Year 7 from across the whole of Gateshead. Each year we will add an additional cohort of 50 students. The school will have 250 students in 2025.

Our curriculum is academically rigorous, standards-based and university-bound. The signature element of our curriculum is study through cross-subject Learning Expeditions. Learning Expeditions are academically rigorous and connect students to their community and the world.

Our academic aim is that all our students are able to go to university after experiencing seven years of working hard, getting smart and being kind.

At XP Schools we have a relentless focus on beautiful work and character growth.

As a consequence, our students make outstanding academic progress.

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