Transition Days, funding agreement and general updates

The draft funding agreement has now been agreed, so we hope to have the funding agreement signed in the next couple of days.

In the next week we will post updates on our dress code, iPad scheme with our preferred devices for students and the Outward Bound visit too.

Transition Days – Monday 5th July and Tuesday 6th July

It has now been confirmed that the transition days on 5th and 6th July will be virtual due to the rise in cases of the delta variant.

Given that each primary school has perhaps 1-5 students joining us, we are aware that access to ICT and online meeting during these days will be difficult. To ensure equity, we are putting together some paper packs of transition activities that we are going to drop off at primary schools later this week.

We would like to be able to meet with all students online though. Since this is difficult in the primary school setting we propose the following:

  1. A short Google Meet video meeting with all families on the evening of Sunday 4th July where staff can introduce themselves and we can brief students for their work over the following two days.
  2. Paper-based work on a min learning expedition for students in school on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th July. This will include a final product which we will ask students to work on, and bring with them to the first week of term in August.
  3. Short Google Meet video meetings at home with students on the afternoons of Monday 5th July to check-in on progress and then another short video meeting on Tuesday 6th July to check-out and offer our appreciations.

We will post more details on timings and how to join these meeting later this week too.