Dress code and branded clothing

At XP, we believe that:

  • Children need to learn to express themselves responsibly.
  • Children are not all the same, so they should not be forced to look the same.
  • Families would rather spend their money on clothes that their children can wear inside and outside school.
  • Our strong community and positive culture will not tolerate any kind of bullying or teasing.

As such we do not have a school uniform. Instead, we have a dress code.

Our dress code

Our dress code asks students and staff to:

Please dress appropriately and modestly.

Dress should not be offensive, dirty, revealing, portray gang membership or sexualise the child.

We should all be clean and hygienic and avoid overpowering perfumed products and the negative effect this has on others.

We encourage students to wear our branded polo shirts for regular day to day learning.

For more guidelines on our dress code and to access the branded clothing shop, please click here.