Weekly Update for families – Friday 29th March 2024

Dear Families

Here we are at the end of another fantastic term at XP Gateshead and what a term it has been! 

G30 and G29 Presentations of Learning

Over the last week we have enjoyed two amazing PoLs  and our students have dazzled sharing their learning for this term and answers to their guiding questions. 

Year 7 students presented their ‘Do Your Bit’ expedition on Tuesday in our school theatre. This was the first time we have used this venue for a PoL and G30 have set the standard. The depth of knowledge, quality of writing and drama performance was stunning. We were all so proud of the courage and confidence our students displayed sharing their learning to an audience.

Year 8 students presented their ‘What is Power?’ expedition at Caedmon Hall, Gateshead Central Library on Wednesday. We were all blown away by the quality and depth of their understanding – performances of Macbeth intertwined with insights into the meaning of the word power in society, science, history, geography and art. Our students’ artwork also took centre stage with every student creating an image about an aspect of social justice they feel strongly about.


This week’s PoLs have been a real challenge for our students and they have shown real courage in terms of presenting to an audience and being part of a drama performance. It has been wonderful to see the pride in our students today reflecting on the mountain they climbed this week, especially those who thought they couldn’t (and there were many). Students are definitely starting to see that there is more in them than they know!

Can I thank you all for your attendance and support at PoLs. We will share online feedback forms with G30 parents in the coming weeks so that we can collect your exit ticket feedback from the ‘Do Your Bit’ expedition.

Lego tournament success

On Tuesday, the Lego Robotics team competed in the regional First Lego League tournament. Our students had a great day competing with other young people in the region and came back with our first trophy (it’s not silverware, it’s made of lego).

We are really proud of our team –  Harrie, Lucy, George, Elina, Evan, Dylan and James

Celebrating Reading at XPG 

Our final community meeting of the term was full of celebrations as we got this term’s Accelerated Reader roundup. This term’s lottery winners were Rafa, Penny and Molly. We also gave a special appreciation to Leo, who in this shorter term was our one word millionaire. All crews have been challenged to up their game next term, for this term our champion Crews in each cohort were Darling, King and Parks!  


I am sure that you will all agree that our students have continued to rise to the challenge – they continue to work hard, get smart and be kind on a daily basis producing beautiful work, developing their character to achieve academic success.

Thank you so much for your continued support. 

We look forward to seeing you after the holiday on Monday 15th April at the usual time where we will be starting on our next exciting expeditionary adventures.

Happy Easter from all the staff crew at XP Gateshead.

Julie Mosley