XP iPad purchase scheme

At XP Trust:

  • We support and challenge students to be leaders of their own learning
  • We pull down the barriers to learning, ensuring social equity
  • We encourage creativity; respectful, individual expression

Our approach to technology mirrors this. From September 2021 students must bring their own appropriate device to learn at XP Gateshead – smartphones are not appropriate devices for the classroom.

As we all know, technology continues to improve, and we are now highly recommending that parents purchase the latest iPads, which gives them access to Google Docs and many creative apps such as iMovie, GarageBand and art apps. We believe that iPads are now the best pound-for-pound device for learning.

To enable this to happen for our students, we have created a great value parental contribution scheme which offers all our parents affordable access to the latest iPad with comprehensive insurance.

In our scheme, you are able to buy an iPad with a keyboard case and trackpad, with the option to purchase an Apple Pencil. The case and pencil mean that the iPad can do everything a laptop can, but with the additional creative options that having a touch-screen, camera and pencil allow.

The iPads come with comprehensive insurance with accidental damage covered and no excess. If a device is lost or stolen, it cannot be used, repurposed or reformatted by anyone else.

This cost to parents is significantly cheaper than if you were to buy them from a shop (roughly 20% cheaper), and you get to spread the cost over the payment plan. After the final payment, the iPad is yours to do with as you wish.

The iPads are managed by the school, which means that during school time, only apps needed for school will be available. Out of school, any other apps can be installed by students but they will not be available from 8am to 5pm on school days. During the evenings, weekends and holidays, you can use your iPad freely.

You can order yours here.

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